Network Services

Our business is to Keep your Network up, Running, and Secure


Network Services
(Service: On-site or Off-site Consultation)
Computer HS provides top-notch network solutions designed to improve network visibility, reliability, and security. We specialize in home and office networks (VPN), computer and network security, and network support solutions in Alpharetta and Atlanta area. Talk to us if you need help with any of the following network services.

  • Networking Setup & Support Services
  • Hubs & Switches installation
  • Computer, Server, and Networking Hardware
  • Router Configuration
  • Network Cabling
  • Data Backup Services
  • Data Protection and Recovery
  • Server Support

Network Security
(specializing in penetration testing, intrusion detection, firewalls)
Computer HS understands the security needs and challenges of small businesses and residential clients in Alpharetta. You can count on us to implement the best and safest residential or business network solutions today. Talk to us if you have any issue with you network or need assistance in securing your home or office networks. Our network security experts will carry out network security tests and install intrusion detection systems plus firewalls to create an impregnable security perimeter within your network.


Why Hire Computer HS

As a veteran company, Computer HS understands and meets the dynamic needs of businesses. Our core business is to keep your network up and running and secure at all time. It doesn’t matter whether you are starting your business or looking for improvements to your current network, we have the capacity and resources to fix your problem.

✓ Swift and Cost-effective solutions: Combining industry wide experience, in-depth knowledge, and best practices, our professionals deploy cost-effective solutions within a reasonable time frame and budget.

✓ Proven track recordComputer HS has a proven track record in setting up, managing, and maintaining computer networks for small and medium enterprises.You can count on Computer HS professionals to implement good architecture and to deploy solutions that will serve you for a lifetime.

✓ Valuable Customer Support at Computer HS, we truly care about the performance and the bottom lines of businesses. We do not only install and configure networks, routers, and printer, we also test and optimize them for greater performance and efficiency. We support you -whether you a startup or an established business- for a lifetime.

✓Experienced and Licensed Professionals -behind every great network lies a great team! Computer HS network professionals are qualified and licensed to design, install, and configure various types of home and office networks..

Help is a Call Away!

Are you plagued by computer network problems? Don’t fret. We provide professional support and one of the fastest on-site response times in Atlanta. Once we receive your call, we’ll dispatch our network engineers to your premises within an hour. Our experienced professionals will troubleshoot, fix, and optimize your network for greater performance and uptime.

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